Thursday, July 19, 2012

Preference #5: How He Flirts With You

Liam: Niall has invited you, Liam, and Harry over to swim while Louis and Zayn are off shopping somewhere. You’ve recently come to terms with the fact that you have feelings for Liam, but you aren’t really sure if he feels the same, or how to let him know how you feel. Regardless, you want to make sure you look great. So, you slip on your favorite little blue bikini and head over to Niall’s. When you arrive, Niall answers the door, dripping. “Well, you’re bit damp,” you giggle as Niall attacks you with a giant bear hug. “The damper the better,” he retorts. Niall grabs you a towel and you head out back to the pool. You slip out of your cover-up and look at Liam who’s sitting over on the stairs to exit the pool. His eyes grow wide as does his smile as he yells, “Look at this beauty over here!” Harry’s head pops up from underwater and he looks at you, “It’s quite nice, your suit,” he says playfully. You cannonball into the pool and swim over to give Harry and Liam hugs. Harry embraces you quickly and gets out to go sunbathe. “Hi, (Y/N),” Liam says, almost blushing. “You look great.” He pulls you in and hugs you a little longer than normal. Later on, you decide to play chicken and Liam is quick to call you as his partner. He gets awfully touchy, and can’t seem to stop complimenting you all day. When the day fades and night begins to creep in, you tell everyone goodbye. You stand up from your place next to Liam and give Harry and Niall each hugs. You ask Liam to walk you out, and he jumps up before you’ve even finished your question. “I had such a great time today, Liam. I didn’t know you were so strong!” you jokingly grab his bicep. “(Y/N),” he says as he places his hand over yours. “I like you. I’ve been trying to show you all day and I feel like I need to just tell you now.” He looks away and toward the ground. “Liam, do you honestly think I don’t have feelings for you?” “I don’t know… Do you?” You smile and wind your hands through his hair as you pull his head towards yours and lock your lips with his. “Now, what do you think?” you say sternly. Liam grins and leans in once more.

Louis: The boys are in an all out marshmallow gun war. Louis has called you over to hang out with him and the boys, but you weren’t expecting to walk into this! As soon as your brain comprehends what’s happening, you grab a gun and load it up. You soon find yourself in a chase with Louis. He’s got everyone to gang up on you and has you close to begging for mercy. You’re all laughing and have a great time until a mallow comes shooting out of Louis’ gun and pelts you in the neck. “Oh, shit,” Lou murmurs as he sets the weapon down and heads toward you. “Are you okay, (Y/N)?” He looks worried and you’re clutching your neck. “Oww…” you say. “Hun, please let me see?” Louis begs as his hands gently pull yours away from your neck. “How you gonna make her feel better, Lou?” Harry says obnoxiously. Louis takes your head in his hands, and leans it to the side. His lips brush up against your neck and the pain suddenly disappears. You close your eyes and start to feel around and touch his face. He pulls away slowly, and gives you a playfully sexy look. “Well, damn.” you hear from Zayn’s direction. Louis helps you up and hold you by his side, clutching onto you like a little boy would to his mother. “Guys, I think I fixed her! I’m such a good doctor,” he says proudly and winks at you.

Niall: You and your best friend Niall are out in Central Park. You’re strolling through the together as you approach a bunch of pigeons. You HATE pigeons. Knowing your fear, Niall steps in front of you. “Whoa, hold up. This isn’t safe,” he says as he leads you backwards. “I’m sorry but you’re gonna have to get on my back, (Y/N). This could be dangerous.” You laugh and hop on for a piggy-back ride. “Giddy-up!” you say and lean down to smack his bum. He runs you through the sea of birds and the two of you can’t help but crack up at how ridiculous you must look. But, you don’t care, as long as you’re with Niall. After the birds clear, he sets you down and you walk towards the nearest bench together. “So, ma’am, do you think you’re going to be alright now?” “Yes, thanks to you, you’re my hero,” you say dramatically and thrust your hand over your heart. “Good,” Niall smiles, “’Cause you’re mine. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” You smile and he lightly pecks your cheek.

Zayn: Zayn: Hey you(;

You see his name pop up on your phone and get butterflies. Lately, the two of you have been flirt-texting a lot, and have even admitted feelings for each other. You reply without hesitation.

You: Hi there Zayn, what’s up? (:

Zayn: Oh, not a lot. Just sitting here, thinking of you(;

You: Yeah? (: What were you thinking?

Zayn: Just about how beautiful you are. How sweet, smart, funny, and amazing you are. The usual. (:

You: Oh boy… you’re so sweet. Thank you, love.

Zayn: No problem. (: I miss you though, I haven’t seen you in a while.

You: I miss you too, so much!

Zayn: Well… when can I see you?

You: Now.

Zayn: Great, come outside.

You’re shocked when you walk out the door of your building. “Hi, (Y/N),” he smiles and opens up his arms. You run full speed into them, and collapse into his body. You invite him inside and you watch a movie together. By the end, he’s kissing you lightly when he stops and looks at you. “Be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?” Zayn asks. “I thought you’d never ask,” you reply and hop on top of him for a suffocating hug that turns quickly into a hot make out session.

Harry: Tonight the boys are all over at your flat, just hanging out. Zayn and Louis are playing video games, Niall is making popcorn, and Liam is cuddling with his girlfriend in the love seat while you and Harry stretch out on the sofa. Harry has come up with this crazy little game where he plays a bit of a song and acts out whatever it says. “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah,” his iPod blurts out and Harry attempts shimmying while laying down. You laugh, amused. “Grab somebody sexy, tell ‘em hey!” “Well then,” he grins as he jumps over to you and wraps his arms around your waist. “Hey,” he says with his sexy, low voice. “Harry, stop,” you giggle as you push him off. He hits play again and out comes, “Kiss me, k-k-kiss me.” You blush and cover your face. He crawls over to you and removes your hands. “You heard the song, (Y/N),” he smiles as he cups your face with his hands. “You’re the man, Haz, you k-k-kiss me!” He does as you say and you both let a smile creep into the kiss. “Yeah buddy, get some!” You hear Niall shout through a mouthful of popcorn.


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