Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preference #10: Dirty Games

Liam: The two of you are outside by the water, cuddling and talking when you get into a silly argument. “No, Liam,” you say. “It doesn’t work like that!” “(Y/N), yeah it does!” he says, laughing as he sits up straighter. “Do you wanna bet?” you say playfully. “Yeah, I wanna bet. Horse. Loser has to jump in the lake.” “You’re so on,” you say and stand up to grab a basketball. You take a shot from the free throw line, and swish it. “Nicely done,” Liam says as you hand him the ball. He misses the shot and you shoot him a now-what look. He looks back at you sexily, and slowly removes his shirt. “What are you doing, Liam?” “It’s strip horse. You didn’t think we were gonna jump in in our clothes, did you?” he replies, smiling. Later, all you have left to take off is your dress, but he’s stripped down to his boxers. Liam chucks the ball up and banks it in. “It’s all you,” he says. When you miss, you turn around, and motion for him to help you with your zipper. Once your dress is on the floor, Liam scoops you up and runs you into the water. You wrap your arms around his neck and shiver in his arms. He kisses you slowly on the head and carries you out of the water, grabbing your clothes on the way.

Louis: You, the boys, and Niall and Liam’s girlfriends are all over at Louis’ flat, relaxing and hanging out. The night is young, but you’re already bored. All of you sit around, brainstorming, when Lou suddenly gets a brilliant idea. You all sit around in a circle and start a game of Never Have I Ever-Alcohol Edition. Niall suggests that instead of putting fingers down, if you’ve done it, you have to take a shot. After a while of playing, you’re all pretty drunk. “Never have I ever,” Zayn giggles in his drunken state, “Uuum, had feelings for anyone in this room.” Of course, Niall and his girlfriend drink, and so do Liam and his. What the boys aren’t aware of, is that you’ve liked Louis for a while now. You take your shot and start to say, “Never have I-” “Wait, hold on!” Louis interrupts you, “I didn’t take my shot yet.” “Whooooa there, mate. Who is it? Me, isn’t it. I knew it, Aww, Louis I love you, too!” Harry mumbles without taking any breaths. “Actually mates, it’s (Y/N),” Lou says shyly. “Really?” you blurt out. “Yeah…” The rest of the boys decide that now would be the perfect time to make it across the hall to Niall’s apartment. You and Louis are left alone, just sitting there, “I like you too, Louis.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asks directly. “Why didn’t you?” you reply. “Why does it matter?” Louis asks as he crawls his way over to you. He brushes his hands through your hair and his lips hover just millimeters away from yours. He looks into your eyes for just a second before closing them, as he removes the space between your lips, and fills it with his own. The two of you end up in a sexy make out session, but are cut off when Harry comes in to check on you.

Niall: “Truth or dare?” Harry asks Niall. “Mmm, dare,” Niall replies. “Hold on, let us collaborate,” Harry says wrapping his arm around Liam. “We dare you to take (Y/N) in the closet for ten minutes and do whatever she pleases,” Liam manages to get out through his laughter. “Oh my God…” you say, but you’re smiling. Niall flashes you an embarrassed smile, but holds out his hand to help you up. The two of you walk over to the closet, and when you get in and shut the door, Niall looks at you. “Now what?” you ask. “I mean, I was hoping you’d let me kiss you,” Niall replies as he looks toward the ground. “What?” you say, sounding more rude than you meant to. He looks at you, defeated. “I didn’t mean it like that,” you say, apologetically. “It’s fine,” He says. “No, Niall. I just didn’t know that you felt that way about me. I’d love to kiss you,” you say as you tug at his shirt. He comes toward you and surrounds your lips with his. They open and shut simultaneously as your hands wander. By the time your ten minutes are up, you’re both lost in the moment. His shirt is on the floor, and his hands are up your shirt. “Whoa, okay!” Zayn cracks up as he shuts the door on you two. You both laugh, embarrassed and put your clothes back on. You kiss him one last time on the lips before the two of you head back to the rest of the group, hand in hand.

Zayn: It’s Zayn’s turn to spin the bottle. He whips it around and it lands on you. “Ohhh, (Y/N)!” Niall yells as he claps his hands in amusement. “Oh, hell yeah,” you tease, and laugh. Zayn smiles and leans in. You close your eyes, and soon, your lips overlap each other’s. The kiss isn’t what you expected, but in a good way. It’s almost electric. It only lasts about two seconds, but it seems as if it’s in slow motion. When you pull away and open your eyes, you catch a quick glimpse at Zayn. His eyes are still closed, and he’s biting his bottom lip. He is inappropriately sexy. The two of you share a moment as you gaze into each others eyes. He places his hand behind your neck and guides you back to his lips. You respond by running your hands through his hair, and tugging at it a bit. “Get it!” Louis yells. “Guys, seriously, get a room,” Liam says, covering his eyes. “No, let them finish!” Harry says, “It’s quite nice to watch.”

Harry: You, Harry, Louis, and Niall are all in the car, in the middle of your six hour drive. It’s late at night, but none of you are tired. You and Harry are in the back, in the middle of a thumb war, while Louis is driving and Niall is in control of the music. “I‘m bored,” Harry groans. “Guys, let’s play the headlight game!” Niall shouts. “What the hell is that?” You ask. “It’s this game. Whenever you see a headlight that’s out, everybody hits the roof of the car, and whoever is last has to remove one article of clothing,” Louis explains. “Want to give it a go, (Y/N)?” Harry grins and out pop his adorable little dimples. “I suppose,” you answer, because you don’t want to ruin the mood, but you’re a little nervous. The four of you are getting into the game, and after a while, Harry is almost naked. Weirdly enough, everyone else is still mostly dressed. “I’m beginning to think you just wanna get naked, Harry,” you smile at him. “Guilty as charged,” he laughs and winks at you. “Fasten your seatbelts, kids” Louis screams. Maybe you would have if you’d been wearing one. Just then, Louis takes a sharp corner and you fling towards Harry. You land on top of him, but quickly scurry off. “Sorry,” you blush and look away. “I’m not so sure that was an accident,” Harry says and pulls you closer. You smile, but turn away as it fades from your face. “You’ve got way too pretty a smile to be letting it fade so easily,” Harry takes your face in his hands. “What do you say you plant that smile on mine?” You giggle, and he pulls you in. His lips are sweet and soft as they move on yours and then travel along your cheeks and to your forehead.


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